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Invest in photography skills before investing in more equipment

You can invest in photography equipment yearly as new gear comes out constantly to feed our habits. We are a generation that is always looking for new tech and gear. We want the newest and best! I’m hoping to convince you to step out of that mindset for a moment and really think about investing in yourself and your photography skills.

Photography Skills – Learning and Practice

Learning and expanding into new photography skills will always help you become better as a photographer and as a creative. Many people stop learning once they leave high school or college, but I am here to tell you that you should never stop learning and strive for more education. Here are 3 ways you can invest in yourself to help grow your photography game.

Invest in photography skills before investing in more equipment

Online Learning

Online learning is an industry that has exploded over the last few years. You can learn anything from fixing cars to 3-point studio lighting, all from the convenience of your home computer. There are some great companies that partner with seasoned photographers to help you get better with at photography. Companies like and

They work with photographers to create online material that covers many types of photography. Online learning allows you to learn at your own pace, and many courses offer downloadable study materials or videos for watching offline at any time.

Local Photography Classes

Watching videos may not be your thing. If that is the case, you may consider going old school. Literally! Consider finding a local college or trade school that offers courses on photography. This can be a great learning experience for a few reasons. One reason is it will make you physically walk into a classroom and collaborate with other creatives.

We tend to fly solo on learning, so having other people around is a great inspiration. Also, classrooms give you specific assignments that you must complete. We may not always like the assignment, but they are created to help you learn a specific skill and should not be overlooked.

Invest in photography skills before investing in more equipment

Photographer Meetups

If you’re like me, you follow many prominent photographers online, or on social media. Many of my favorite photographers have hands-on training meetups held all over the US. This gives you the opportunity to learn on-site and see how the photographer interacts with the scene or subjects. I follow many portrait photographers and they offer monthly meetups for all skill levels. You can ask questions and get insight into the gear and equipment used by professionals.

Investing in your photography skills is going to help you gain more confidence in your photography. It can also help you join a community and collaborate with other creatives. You can learn in your spare time, or take weekend classes to help fit your schedule. Either way, learning new photography skills will help you advance in shooting, and keep you dedicated to your craft.


Jason Dallas Portraits Model Test ShootsJason The Creative – Dallas Portrait Photographer

Photography just decided to grow on me and I never looked back. I am a portrait photographer growing and specializing in model test shoots. Every one starts somewhere and this is my story.

What’s in my camera bag

My Portrait Photography Gear for Model Test Shoots

Sony a7riii Mirrorless Camera
High Resolution Studio Camera
Sony a7iii Mirrorless Camera
Great Photo & Video Camera
Sony 85mm f1.4 GMaster
Best Portrait Lens
Sony 35mm F1.8
Great wide lens for lifestyle shoots
Sony Zeiss 55mm f1.8
First lens I purchased – Amazing and light
Sony 24-70mm F2.8 GMaster
Best all-in-one Portrait Zoom Lens
Sony 24-105 f4.0 G Lens
Best all around walk-around lens

Secondary Portrait Photography Camera and Lens

Sony a6400 Mirrorless Camera (crop-sensor)
Small & amazing quality
Sony 16-55mm f2.8 G Lens
Super sharp and versatile

Sony Mirrorless Bodies You Should See

Sony a7rii
High Quality Studio Camera
Sony a7ii
Great General Purpose Camera
Sony a7sii
High Quality Video Camera
Sony a6600
Photo and Video Camera
Sony a6500
Crop Sensor Video Camera
Sony a6300
Amazing Budget Starter Camera

Full-Frame Lenses You Should Check Out

Tamron 28-75mm F2.8 Lens
Great budget option zoom lens
Sony 70-200 F2.8 Lens
Amazing Quality Zoom Lens
Sony 16-35mm f2.8 Lens
Superb wide-angle Lens
Sony 85mm F1.8 Lens
Great Budget Portrait Lens
Sony 24mm F1.4 Lens
Sharp Wide Prime Lens

Crop-Sensor Lenses You Just Might Need

Tamron 28-75mm F2.8 Lens
Great budget option zoom lens
Sony 18-105 F4.0 Lens
Awesome Video Lens
Sigma 16mm F1.4
Great YouTube Lens
Sigma 30mm F1.4
Sharp & Light Weight Lens
Sigma 56mm F1.4
Go-To Portrait Lens

My Current Off Camera Studio Flash Lighting / Location Kits

Profoto Air Remote TTL-S
Remote Trigger
Profoto B2 250 AirTTL Location Kit
Portable light strobes
Profoto OCF 2×3 Softbox
Portable soft light modifier
Profoto OCF Softbox 2ft Octa
Small direct soft box
Profoto 41in Deep Medium Umbrella
Main studio modifier
Profoto OCF Speedring
Modifier connector

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