About Dallas Portraits

Jason Dallas Portraits Model Test ShootsPhotography is a passion I discovered later in life. My name is Jason and welcome to my photography portfolio. Dallas portraits is a showcase of my model test shoots with amazing models from all around the Dallas Fort Worth area.

I work and collaborate with models of all different backgrounds and agencies, and look forward to networking and meeting new people as my skills progress.

I am a full-time marketing professional, and I’ve been in the creative industry professionally for over 20+ years. I’ve been a Web and Graphic Designer, Art Director, and more through-out the years.

Sony Portraits

All my photography was shot on the Sony Mirrorless Camera Systems. I have used the Sony a7, Sony a7ii, Sony a7iii, and Sony a7riii for all my work. I currently have a home studio in McKinney, TX that I used for all my indoor model test shoots.

I use Profoto B2 strobes with a variety of diffusers in studio. When the weather permits, I love shooting outdoors in locations all over DFW.

Visit and Connect on Instagram – @jasonthecreative

I would love for you to connect with me on Instagram. You can find me under @jasonthecreative.

If you’re interested in collaborating, send me an email to jason@portraitsofdallas.com or a private message on Instagram. If I like your work and your portfolio, I will reach out with more details.

Thanks again for stopping by!